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Word Shoot is a 2 player PC game.  Red and blue players negotiate and shoot letters to win words.    I will try and have a smaller screen version in the future for laptops. Also I will have future versions in other languages. (You get more points for larger words) The object of the game is to have more total points at the end of  1 hour game time. This game is presently being copyrighted with US COPYRIGHT.GOV

case #1-6825803071

Game was created in Java-Eclipse


Three letters are randomly  inserted in  every  word Jeopardy style.

You can stun the opposing player for 250 game cycles by shooting him.
(The player cannot move when stunned.)

You can also be stunned for  250 game cycles by encountering  a white goul type
figure that roams around the window.  


Blue Player                                                   Red Player

move left      ---    Q                                     move left    --- U

move  right   ---    A                                    move right  ---  J

move  up       ---    W                                    move  up     --   I

move  down  ---    S                                     move  down   --  K

shoot  left      ---    E                                     shoot  left        --  O

shoot right     ---    D                                  shoot  right    --    L


Any questions email smoland74@gmail.com


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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